Our skin has special pigment (melanin) producing cells called melanocytes. Colour of the skin depends on quality & quantity of such pigments.

The abnormal whiteness of the skin due to the absence of pigmentation may occur in patches or over entire surface of the skin. It may be albinism with congenital absence of pigment from skin, hair and iris of the eye or vitiligo characterized by loss of pigment in bands or patches on skin or hair.3% of Indian population suffers from white patches. It is a non-contagious skin disorder in which pink, copper or white colored patches appear on skin and patches always remain dry. It is seen in all races and age group and is more troublesome in people with darker skin. It is more noticeable in summer season.


The few obvious causes for leucoderma are:

  • Acquired idiopathic disorder.
  • Autoimmune disorder as suggested by the association with pernicious anemia, thyroid disease, etc.
  • It is found to be more common in people with diabetes, alopecia areata and appears to be an immunological attack on the melanocyte.
  • May be precipitated by injury or sunburn.
  • Family history of the disease.


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