Nail Disorder

Nail is made up of keratin in much the same way as skin and hair. The visible part is quite inert and not much happens to it at that stage. The growing section lies mainly under the skin and the only part that can be seen is the half moon. Any disease, which affects the matrix, as the growing area is called, may produce a variety of changes.

Abnormality of nails predominantly causes cosmetic disfigurement, though some disease of nails can be symptomatic. Changes in the nail can be: -

  1. Congenital.
  2. Due to physical injury.
  3. Infection.
  4. Neoplastic.
  5. Secondary to dermatological disease.
  6. Secondary to systemic disease.

Tineaunguim - it is defined as a dermatophyte infection of the nail plate. Tineaunguim usually affects only few nails and is asymmetrical. The nail involvement begins at the free edge of the nail and the nail.

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