Excess Hair

Excessive hair growth in men and women is termed as hypertrichosis, which can be categorized into local and general types. Few known reasons for this condition ranges from malnutrition in children, anorexia nervosa, and underlying malignancy to drug interaction.

Over the years around the world women and men are skeptical and utterly confused as to the validity of the permanent hair removal claims, due to reasons varying from media hype to lack of knowledge.

Permanent hair removal in females as well as males with a time bound certainty has become a welcoming reality at Valeda wellness centers. By using the basics of homeopathy supported by combined modalities by following American fda’s directive findings and by associations with an international guild, American electro logy association our institute has specialized in whole body permanent hair removal systems in shortest duration i.e. reduction of treatment time by more than five times in such cases.


Correction of such pigmentation disorder gives necessary morale boosting. And this is provided to you at Valeda Wellness Centers. Treatments provided include internal Homeo Medicines, Laser, Acupuncture, Ultraviolet rays, Homeo puncture and researched external applications.

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