Lesions appear in crops of itchy papules, which rapidly turn into clear superficial vesicles and then into pustules. The typical vesicle of varicella is superficial and thin walled so that it looks like a drop of water lying on rather than inside the skin. The irregular per vesicular erythema gives the lesion ‘a dew drop on rose petal ‘appearance. Eventually the lesion crust in a few days and heal. Usually there is no sequel but sometime-depressed scars or hypo pigmentation may develop. At any particular time lesions at different stages of evolution are present


Chicken pox is caused by varicella-zoster virus. The infection is highly contagious and the virus is spread by droplet route. A typical patient is infectious for 1-2 days before the exanthema appears and for 4-5 days thereafter i.e. till last crop of vesicles has crusted. The incubation period is about a fortnight.

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